The Murray-Darling Basin: a system in crisis
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The Murray-Darling Basin: a system in crisis

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A two-part series with relevance to geography, Environmental Studies, Sustainability and Australian history. The central theme is water as a resource.
The programs draw on a rich collection of visual sources to trace the complex interaction between nature and farming communities, from early settlement to the present.

Program 1 explores:

  • geographic characteristics of the region
  • forms of agriculture and importance of region’s food production
  • distribution of water resources
  • challenges faced by early farmers and other settlers
  • historical development of water management policies
  • development of water storage and irrigation methods
  • the Snowy Mountains Scheme
  • emergence of environmental problems

Program 2 explores:

  • salinity: major forms, causes and impacts
  • river health: decline due to water diversion for irrigation
  • algal blooms: causes and impact
  • drought: impact on rivers and agriculture
  • responses to the above environmental problems:
  • water management policies and strategies
  • changing irrigation methods
  • analysis: factors affecting patterns of water use
Year levels Middle - Senior Secondary
Duration  24 min + 24 min
Format DVD
Year produced 2009
Teacher notes Yes

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