The Advanced Physics Series: Electromagnetism
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The Advanced Physics Series: Electromagnetism

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One of a series of lectures/demonstrations in the Advanced Physics Series for physics teachers produced in conjunction with the University of Melbourne.

Professor Geoffrey Taylor, former head of the School of Physics at Melbourne University explores these concepts and issues:

•    electrons, electrical repulsion and attraction
•    Moving charge produces a magnetic field: there is no magnetic charge
•    Ampere’s Law, connecting current and the strength of a magnetic field
•    Change in a magnetic field inducing current; Lenz’s Law
•    Maxwell: a change in the electric field generates a magnetic field
•    Ohm’s and Faraday’s Law
•    Misconceptions about current and EMF
•    A model to explain flux
•    The concept of RMS
•    High-energy physics: collider experiments and the search for the Higgs boson particles


Year levels Professional Development (Physics Teachers)
Duration 50 min
Format DVD
Year produced 2008
Teacher notes No



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