Stem Cells: The Ethical Issues
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Stem Cells: The Ethical Issues

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This program tackles one of the most contentious areas of contemporary science: embryonic stem cell research. Different viewpoints are presented, and speakers include:

  • Professor Alan Trounson, prominent stem cell scientist
  • Father Norman Ford, an ethics commentator
  • Patients with life-threatening medical conditions

They explain what they believe the important issues to be, and the reasons for their views. Each section is introduced with relevant background information explained in simple terms.

* Carrie (pictured) has a currently incurable genetic condition called Friedreich’s Ataxia.

Main Program
A range of viewpoints on ethical issues raised by

  • embryonic stem cell research
  • therapeutic cloning (nuclear transfer)
  • reproductive cloning


  • Ethics and genetic testing of IVF embryos
  • Ethics and IVF



 Year levels
Middle Secondary - Tertiary
29 min
Year Produced
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