Nanotechnology: an introduction
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Nanotechnology: an introduction

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Main Program

  • What is nanotechnology?
  • Units: micrometre and nanometre
  • Special properties of nanoparticles
  • The gecko effect
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Surface energy; hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces
  • The lotus effect
  • Use of lasers in nanotechnology
  • Issues raised by nanotechnology

: Short interviews exploring:

  • How microscopes ‘kick-started’ nanotechnology
  • What is nanotechnology?
  • Electron and atomic force microscopes
  • Tissue engineering I
  • Tissue engineering II
  • Chemical analysis at the nanoscale
  • A future career in nanotechnology
Year levels Middle - Senior Secondary
Duration 25 min
Format DVD
Year produced 2010
Teacher notes Yes


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