Materials: How They Behave Under Load
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Materials: How They Behave Under Load

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What forces are structural materials subjected to?  How do materials behave under load? How suitable are they for particular uses?  And how are key properties of materials determined?


•    Using materials in structures
•    Forces in action
•    Translational and rotational forces
•    Cantilevers
•    Stable equilibrium and free-body diagrams
•    Materials and their properties
•    Different forms of carbon
•    Measuring the properties of materials
•    Stress/strain graphs
•    Young’s modulus
•    Brittle vs ductile
•    Composites: reinforced concrete
•    Composites: carbon fibre
•    Worked examples
•    Types of bonding: their impact on properties
•    Materials and nanotechnology

Year levels Senior Secondary - Tertiary
Duration 43 min
Format DVD
Year produced 2008
Teacher notes Yes

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