Material World Series: 3-part series
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Material World Series: 3-part series

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A 3-part series on fundamental concepts of science.

This program focuses on the particle theory of matter and how it helps to explain:

• behaviour of solids, liquids and gases
• changes of state
• melting and boiling points
• the concept of absolute zero

Electron microscope images are featured. We also visit a balloon shop to find out why helium is the preferred balloon gas and where it comes from. 

This program explores further the idea that everything is made of particles. It looks at:

• the difference between atoms and molecules
• the difference between elements, compounds and mixtures
• why a substance may dissolve in one liquid but not another
• how an element like lead can exist in various forms and how this can affect its properties

This program looks at chemical change and the tremendous variety of chemical reactions that go on on around us every day. Includes interesting examples such as:

• space shuttle fuel
• explosions
• fireworks
• matches
• inflation of air bags

Year levels Junior - Senior Secondary
Duration 18 min / 20 min / 20 min
Format DVD
Year produced 1997

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