Investigating Polymers: 2-part series
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Investigating Polymers: 2-part series

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A 2-part series on the preparation and properties of polymers.

Program 1:  Addition Polymers

Students are introduced to the concept of addition polymerisation using polyethene from ethene. The program features many examples of the different types of polymers and their properties. It includes:

  • definitions of terms such as monomer and polymer
  • simple molecular models to demonstrate how the double bonds in the monomers break to form the polymer
  • demonstration of how the alignment of the monomer is important for the successful formation of the polymer

Program 2:  Condensation Polymers

This program looks at polymers formed by condensation reactions (as distinct from addition reactions). The idea that the properties of a polymer can only be understood by examining the intermolecular bonding within the material is a key feature of the program. Using animation, patterns of bonding are illustrated in both thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

Year levels Senior Secondary - Tertiary
Duration  20 min / 20 min
Format DVD
Year produced 1998

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