Forces, Materials and Explosions
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Forces, Materials and Explosions

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This program explores the forces released by explosions and their impact on materials. It identifies key features of explosions: rapid gas expansion and – with high explosives – shock waves.

The program also looks at the properties of structural materials, particularly their resistance to being broken apart. It shows how these properties can be measured, and used to predict the material’s response to forces. It also shows applications of these ideas in the real world of mining and demolition. This program is a novel treatment of core material that teachers need to cover. The real and dramatic images will interest and extend student understanding of this material.


•    introduction
•    cannon demonstration
•    burn rate
•    detonators and shockwaves
•    shockwaves and temperature
•    effects of shockwaves
•    investigating materials: stress/ strain curves
•    area under the curve
•    toughness
•    using explosives in mining
•    demolition using explosives


Year levels Middle Secondary - Tertiary
Duration  23 min
Format DVD
Year produced 2009
Teacher notes Yes


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