Eric Weischaus: passionate scientist
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Eric Weischaus: passionate scientist

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For geneticist Eric Wieschaus the development of a fruit fly embryo is ‘a beautiful and mysterious process’.

In this DVD Eric Weischaus tells the story of how chance events led him into the world of science and - at the age of 48 - a Nobel prize for research that even he thought might be crazy: tracking thousands of fruit-fly crosses, and unravelling the genetic control of early development.

  • An inspiring story for any student interested in science (a great resource for Careers counsellors!)
  • As an account of classic genetics research, a valuable resource for any Biology or Genetics Department

The DVD contains two versions:

Condensed version (28 min):  suitable for secondary students.

Full interview (67 min): includes a more detailed discussion of the ground-breaking fruit fly research that lead to a Nobel Prize.

Year levels Middle Secondary - Tertiary
Duration 28 min / 67 min
Format DVD
Year produced 2013
Teacher notes Yes



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