Nuclear Energy: the issues
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Nuclear Energy: the issues

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Nuclear power produces almost a fifth of the world’s electricity. Supporters say it’s safe, cheap and – best of all – the answer to global warming. Critics say it’s not safe, or cheap. And it won’t really help with the global warming problem.

So who’s right?

This program presents the arguments for and against, with relevant background information information.

Issues covered in this program include:

• radioactive waste: how hazardous is it?
• can it be safely stored?
• how likely is an accident at a nuclear power station?
• what could the consequences be?
• are nuclear power stations terrorist targets?
• does nuclear power encourage the development of nuclear weapons?
• is nuclear energy ‘carbon-free’?
• is it the solution to global warming?

NB: The science behind nuclear power – what nuclear fission is, how a nuclear power station works and the ‘nuclear fuel cycle’ – is explained in more detail in a companion program – Nuclear Energy.

Year levels Junior - Senior Secondary
Duration 29 min
Format DVD
Year produced 2008
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