Chemical Bonding Series: 4-part Series
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Chemical Bonding Series: 4-part Series

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The Chemical Bonding Series

Program 1:  Bonding in Metals

In the context of the particle theory and bonding model, this program first describes the fundamentals of all matter: atoms, ions and molecules, then explores the elements called metals and the relationship between their unique properties and the bonding model.

Program 2:  Ionic Bonding

After a brief recap on particle theory, this program defines ionic substances and how they are formed. It then examines the particular ionic bonding of common materials such as salt and indicates that there is another bonding story to be told: how molecules come together.

Program 3:  Bonding in Molecules: 

This program looks at molecular substances and how they are held together by sharing electrons. Different types of shapes and patterns in covalent (intramolecular) bonding are explained, with reference to simple molecules - such as water - and very large molecules, such as polythene.

Program 4:  Bonding Between Molecules

This program takes the bonding story one step further – the bonding between molecules and how this determines the state of matter. Two main types of interactions are explained – ‘dipole-dipole’ and ‘dispersion forces’ bonding – using illustrations from common chemical substances such as ammonia, sucrose and the hydrocarbons. The program concludes with a recap on how our knowledge of bonding helps us to understand and predict the behaviour of all materials.

Year levels Senior Secondary - Tertiary
Duration  24 min / 24 min / 23 min / 24 min
Format DVD
Year produced 1997
Teacher notes Yes

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