Cell Biochemistry Series : 3-part series
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Cell Biochemistry Series : 3-part series

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A 3-part series exploring the crucial roles of cell respiration, enzymes and photosynthesis in living organisms.

Cell Respiration
One of three programs about cell biochemistry, this program outlines the essential features of aerobic and anaerobic respiration – and the vital role of these processes in all living cells.

Enzymes: organic catalysts
One of three programs about cell biochemistry, this program outlines the essential features of enzymes and their vital role in all living cells.

Outlines the essential steps of photosynthesis and its vital role in converting light to chemical energy – the energy source for almost all life on Earth.


Year levels Senior Secondary - Tertiary
Duration 24 / 26 / 21 min
Format DVD
Year produced 2013
Teacher notes Yes

Teacher feedback on the Cell Respiration series:

Your DVDs are great for Year 12/11 Biology, they explain the processes clearly, students can follow what’s happening. Brilliant.

Norwood Secondary College

Excellent…the right level for year 12.

Beaconhills College

Just what I need.

Woodleigh School

These DVDs are really great teaching resources. 

Catholic Ladies College Eltham

The explanations are clear and well explained. There is enough detail to be comprehensive yet they are not overwhelmingly complicated. It's the best DVD seen to date.

Yarra Valley Grammar

A fantastic resource to explain some of the more complicated concepts of VCE Biology. A great revision tool for students to thoroughly understand some of the more important concepts.

Whitefriars College


Cell biochemistry series -  This is an essential series for VCE Biology teachers teaching photosynthesis, respiration and enzymes. Each DVD clearly unpacks the key points from the study design with simple, engaging visuals and provides students with easy to follow questions. Each DVD highlights key concepts which will be sure to aid student comprehension.

How cells communicate – This series addresses all the required curriculum in cell signalling, apoptosis, hormones and pheromones. It allows students to easily understand the complexities of signal transduction with engaging audio and visual elements. It highlights key concepts and provides students with easy to follow questions to reinforce each concept.

I use both series every year!

Janette Berglez, Curriculum Leader & STEM, Parade College



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