Material World (2-part series)

A 2-part series on fundamental concepts of science.

 Program 1: Good Vibrations  (18 min)

This program focuses on the particle theory of matter and how it helps to explain the following: behaviour of solids, liquids and gases; changes of state; melting and boiling points and the concept of absolute zero. Electron microscope images are featured and a visit to a balloon shop to look at why helium is the preferred balloon gas and where it comes from.  

 Program 2: Chemical Reactions (20 min)

Looks at chemical change and focuses on several different chemical reactions, including space shuttle fuel, explosions, fireworks, matches and inflation of air bags. Also explores the idea that chemical change is often not reversible.

Year levels               Middle Secondary

Format                      DVD

Duration                  57 min

Year produced       1997

School prices          Single program:  $ 89 inc gst (+ $9 p&h in Australia/ elsewhere POA)
Series:                   $159 inc gst (+ $9 p&h in Australia/ elsewhere POA)

Tertiary institutions   POA