The Advanced Physics Series: Wave-Particle Duality
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The Advanced Physics Series: Wave-Particle Duality

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One of a series of lectures/demonstrations in the Advanced Physics Series for physics teachers produced in conjunction with the University of Melbourne.

Dr Adam Micolich – from the Physics School at the University of New South Wales – explores these concepts and issues:

•    The photoelectric effect: can it be explained by classical physics?
•    Along comes Einstein
•    atomic structure theories (de Broglie, Thompson, Rutherford, Bohr)
•    Emission, absorption and spectroscopy
•    Double-slit experiment
•    Bohr’s principle of complementarity
•    Interference with other particles (eg neutrons, buckyballs)
•    Quantum mechanics, probability and measurement

Year levels Professional Development (Physics Teachers)
Duration 60 min
Format DVD
Year produced 2008
Teacher notes No



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