The Advanced Physics Series: 11-part Series
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The Advanced Physics Series: 11-part Series

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A series of lecture/demonstrations for physics teachers.

Astrophysics: a Tour of the Universe  55 min
Astrophysicist Rachel Webster – a Professor at Melbourne University – reviews key aspects of our current knowledge of the Universe and topics that excite students.

Einstein’s Heroes: Newton, Faraday and Maxwell  63 min
Dr Robyn Arianrhod, a writer and mathematician at Monash University, traces the connections between the development of electrodynamics by Faraday and Maxwell, and Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity.  Along the way, she looks at the roles both mathematics and experimentation have played in establishing these key areas of modern physics.

Electromagnetism 50 min
Professor Geoffrey Taylor – Head of the School of Physics at Melbourne University – explores concepts and misconceptions.

Electronics: connecting with students  34 min
Dr Roger Rassool, a senior lecturer in the School of Physics at Melbourne University explores different approaches to teaching electronics and photonics.

Light, Phase and Matter  54 min
Dr Catherine Low discusses difficulties students have with models and concepts of light and matter. Catherine recently completed her PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics and is currently teaching senior physics in New Zealand.
Catherine Bell
 discusses the importance of phase in understanding the behaviour of waves. She is completing a PhD on Phase Microscopy and is currently teaching VCE Physics.

Newtonian Mechanics  40 min
Associate Professor Max Thompson, School of Physics at Melbourne University, explores misunderstandings (even among teachers in some cases!) about Newton’s laws of motion, inertial reference frames, momentum and circullar motion.

Photonics  51 min
Photonics in everyday life:
– light sources
– fibre optics
– ideas for practical demonstrations

Presenter: Dr Alex Mazzolini, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences at Swinburne University.

Sound and other Demonstrations  42 min
Sandor Kazi
 presents a range of demonstrations related to waves,
include wave mechines, standing waves, Chladni figures, ripple tanks
and resonance. Sandor is currently teaching VCE Physics.
Nick Nicola 
is Undergraduate Laboratory Manager, School of
Physics, University of Melbourne. The demonstrations focus on upper
secondary physics.

Special Relativity  45 min
Approaches to teaching Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.
Presenter: Joe Wolfe, Professor of Physics, University of New South Wales.

The Synchrotron  58 min
– the physics and operation of a synchrotron
– uses in medicine, mining, forensics, manufacturing and other fields

Presenter: Mark Boland, Accelerator Physicist at the Australian Synchrotron.

The wave-particle duality  60 min
Dr Adam Micolich – from the Physics School at the University of New South Wales – explores the nature of wave-particle duality, and reviews theories of atomic structure, and key relevant experiments.

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Year levels Professional Development (Physics Teachers)
Durations  see above
Format DVD
Year produced 2007 - 2009
Teacher notes No

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