Redox Reactions: Electrochemical Cells – advanced version
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Redox Reactions: Electrochemical Cells – advanced version

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Part of a comprehensive 9-part series exploring the chemistry of both galvanic and electrolytic cells, and their many important applications.

Reviews basic redox chemistry principles, including energy conversion in the Daniell cell. We see how a galvanic cell is constructed and tested, and how you develop half-cell equations.
The electrochemical series is explained: what it is, its uses, and the limitations of predictions based on the series.


  • key redox chemistry principles (quick recap)
  • the Daniell cell: how it converts chemical energy into electricity
  • constructing and testing a cell
  • writing half-cell equations
  • the electrochemical series: how it works, and how it can be used to predict redox reaction products
  • limitations of predictions

Chemistry Consultant: Warren Moseley (Co-author, Heinnemann Chemistry 2; former member VCAA Chemistry Standing C’tee).

Year levels Senior Secondary - Tertiary
Duration  25 min
Format DVD
Year produced 2010
Teacher notes Yes


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