Hand-Me-Down Genes Series: 2-part series
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Hand-Me-Down Genes Series: 2-part series

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Program 1: How Genes Work (25 min)
Introduces inheritance, the process that determines many of our individual features. Using hair colour as an inherited characteristic, the program investigates the cell nucleus and focuses on DNA, chromosomes and genes.

Program 2: Family patterns (25 min)
Why are members of the same family so different?
To explore this question, the program:

  • outlines the basics of mitosis and meiosis
  • explores chromosomes and the part they play in sex determination, and identical and fraternal twins
  • explains dominant and recessive expression of genes using Huntington’s disease and Achondroplasia as examples
  • explains mutations (example: Cystic Fibrosis) and chromosomal abnormalities (example: Down Syndrome)

The program also explores genetic testing, genetic engineering and gene therapy.

Year levels Middle Secondary - Tertiary
Duration 25 min + 25 min
Format DVD
Year produced 1997



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