Materials: how they behave under load

What forces are structural materials subjected to?  How do materials behave under load? How suitable are they for particular uses?  And how are key properties of materials determined?


•    Using materials in structures
•    Forces in action
•    Translational and rotational forces
•    Cantilevers
•    Stable equilibrium and free-body diagrams
•    Materials and their properties
•    Different forms of carbon
•    Measuring the properties of materials
•    Stress/strain graphs
•    Young’s modulus
•    Brittle vs ductile
•    Composites: reinforced concrete
•    Composites: carbon fibre
•    Worked examples
•    Types of bonding: their impact on properties
•    Materials and nanotechnology

The DVD is supported with teacher notes and student worksheets.

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Year Levels Senior secondary and Tertiary
Format DVD
Duration 43 min
Year Produced 2008
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