Beam On: Careers at the Synchrotron
Meet some of the people who operate this increasingly important scientific tool.

Forces, Materials and Explosions
Explores the forces released by explosions and their impact on materials. It identifies key features of explosions: rapid gas expansion and – with high explosives – shock waves.

Materials: how they behave under load
What forces are structural materials subjected to? How suitable are they for particular uses?  And how are key properties of materials determined?

Measurement & the Search for Relationships
Uses case studies to show how relationships can be investigated experimentally. Also outlines the essentials of writing up a report.

Measurement & Uncertainty
The importance of error and uncertainty in scientific measurement. Shows case studies of students estimating and reporting the uncertainties in their measurements.
For senior secondary science students.

Nuclear Energy
How nuclear power stations work, the essentials of the nuclear fuel cycle, and other uses of nuclear energy. Includes both advanced and basic versions.

Nuclear Energy: the Issues
Is nuclear power safe? Is it the answer to global warming?
Arguments for and against on all the key issues.

The Advanced Physics Series
Lecture/demonstrations for physics teachers.

Series 1:

Series 2:

Series 3: