Electrochemical Cells – advanced version

Dan CU_THReviews basic redox chemistry principles, including energy conversion in the Daniell cell. We see how a galvanic cell is constructed and tested, and how you develop half-cell equations.
The electrochemical series is explained: what it is, its uses, and the limitations of predictions based on the series.
limitations of predictions based on the series.


  • key redox chemistry principles (quick recap)
  • the Daniell cell: how it converts chemical energy into electricity
  • constructing and testing a cell
  • writing half-cell equations
  • the electrochemical series: how it works, and how it can be used to predict redox reaction products
  • limitations of predictions

Chemistry Consultant: Warren Moseley (Co-author, Heinnemann Chemistry 2; former member VCAA Chemistry Standing C’tee).


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Year Levels
Upper Secondary to Tertiary
Format DVD
Duration 25  Min
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